Installing and using imapsync on Ubuntu 12.04

imapsync is a popular tool for migrating from one IMAP server to another, including GMail and Google for Business. You can no longer download the source code directly from the author for free, however the unique ‘no limit’ license allows an unofficial fork to be available on GitHub. As of this writing the fork lags the original slightly, but it should not be an issue for most people.

Here is how to install it on Ubuntu.

Install Dependencies

sudo apt-get install makepasswd rcs perl-doc libmail-imapclient-perl

Clone the Git Repository

git clone git://

Don’t forget to cd into the ‘imapsync’ directory once it is finished being cloned.

Create a Dist Directory

You need to make a `dist` directory. I suspect this is because Git does not track directories, only files:

mkdir dist

Build and Install

sudo make install

Run It

Once this is done, you can run a script like the one below, which was inspired (and borrowed) from this blog post

Further Reading

  • This post is where I found the original version of the script above.
  • You might also find this page about migrating your email to Google Apps useful.

2 Comments on “Installing and using imapsync on Ubuntu 12.04”

  1. Hi,

    imapsync is not closed source, the licence is “No limit to do anything with this work”, see
    The github part, not maintained by me, is often up to date few days after the official imapsync site.

    Gilles, author of imapsync.

    • jpollak says:

      Hi Gilles, thank you for the clarification, however you cannot download the source code from your website for free anymore. I will update the article. And thank you for such a useful tool.

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